Important note

Why doesn't Hotel Weber Ambassador offer "3 for 2" or "5 for 3" night offers like some Capri hotels? Many of these hotels lure you with great offers, only to have you unhappy with the quality of the accommodation once you arrive. And what happens when you only stay one night at these bargain basement hotels? They make you pay for the whole stay!

You can book a room at the Weber Ambassador Hotel through our booking system online or through 36 different tour operators.

Be careful not to be pushed by some online tour operators who will recommend very expensive hotels full of fake reviews just to get a larger commission out of your booking.

Also take into consideration that if you book a room yourself without their help, and need to cancel the booking, you pay only one night cancellation fee instead of paying for the whole stay. In these hotels, you pay in advance and lose everything if you cancel. In the past, tourists in Italy were often cheated. Now they are really clever. They know where to go and how to travel and need neither misleading suggestions nor false reviews. Please also note that that the photos on our website are truly genuine. None of them has been retouched or photoshopped.